Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Pieces I Rather Enjoy

A portrait I made for my favourite comic artist, Aaron Alexovich.
The mascot of the publishing company is a monkey, that should explain a lot.

The best cafe sketch I've ever done...and it was in an airport!

One of my commissions from the past few years that I've grown particularly fond of.

I did this during a life drawing night sponsored by CSUF's animation/illustration club. It's one of my favourite life drawing compilations, due mostly to the rock-star quality the model exuded. Plus I simply adore drawing dreds.

This is a compilation from my sketchbook of some character exploration I did before beginning a short comic for my sequential class.


  1. WOW, reeeeally nice style!! And thats smart; using a tablet during life-drawing I shall try that next PMC life drawing session 8D

  2. i love your characters! especially the heavy-lidded snooty looking lady, she's adorably bitchy.